POETRY – From the silence in the cities

The subway stops / Mexico city completely stops/ up there an accident stops the whole city / further up the air does not move / nor doves or children in the schools / only honking horns in the air / sounds of silence many miles away / Boston stops / The train / the trucks / the process of production and at a distance of six thousand and twenty thousand / dollars A third city stops / Now six whole cities / stop / collapse/ freeze Nothing occurs / immobility / stasis stock market deals / The whole world / The Child rests / takes a breath / the system stops an idea petrified / a thought windows close / and doors close / and smiles For a minute Clouds stop / the sea stops and further in / a river stops / also a lake / a second hand / stops a whole socket / some eyes voice stops / the food cycle the heart stops / remains dead A ship stops on the high seas / a girl falls from a sixth floor / music on the radio stops a tear half way down the cheek the sun stops / and further in love / breathing stops is paralyzed At a given moment stillness is complete / only you and you leave
It stops / I stop / It’s an old photograph According to pmundoSMlan / Stopping in order to start moving
The galaxy / the system/ the heart / our lips a rare word in the lexicon: Forgiveness the whole world.

THE BODY / the mind

Here, my body that runs in order to reach my mind my mind that escapes and goes on lightly and turned around the body is hard / rigid and feigns being a dry tree the two races / against time and sense light years and memory my body backwards / my mind along two steps body stone / mind air body anchor / mind arrow here / body and mind the body that hurts and wrinkles enjoys / runs poorly the body that needs others body’s mind the body dripping adrenaline / oil passing water mind fury / pestilent body here / both stopped in the same story despicable / face to face / tied here, the mind listening to the body and its sounds inside here, the body that writes: the mind.
repetition / compulsion-compulsion repetition the static instant a hundred minutes floating face-up in a pool / water echo / Narcissussed sound enclosed in a shell abc’s liquid behind the glass echo / repetition of what is forbidden and causes harm peace sea
Are we the idea we inhabit? if so / the chair
is truly transparent and the table a word for spreading a cloth.

torrestradecuJumping from train to train

looking for a place to breathe / from highway to highway
I move covering my tracks miles / leagues / nights from air to air / the wind heats up / knocks me down a right to the stomach forces me to rest / to sow the earth       J u m p i n g
Then I recognize people / live characters in old cities / some happy
I get involved / write letters / give recipes   even though j u m p i n g
Is when I want to flee again with my few belongings / my shadow following me closely / From track to track / from desert to sea / nodding off / with my soul across my shoulder the distance think about destiny ask for a ride force a breach love the sun / the moon the stars ask again here and there read the sky the line of the road flee / flee as fast as possible   Making friends / leaving graffiti / loves
J u m p i n g   from train to train like a crazy goat
J u m p – i n g      my home my self.



the nomad / upon arrival / is there / thinking / of his / departure

he has arrives
at the end
of his road /
he should be delighted
though he is
infinitely sad



                  Zero Gravity 
I am ascending / I am ascending / I am ascending
in an elevator
My ship
Looking out the window, the landscape    I’m leaving behind
I’m ascending / Ascending / Ascending / Ascending
The velocity of light / Velocity of light
Of light / Of light
I am ascending / The immensity is a sea of stars in the darkness
I’m ascending and ascending / The immensity is a sea of stars in the darkness
The course of eventsOpen
The gravity / ZERO / ZERO
Without a doubt
I am a passenger
in the darkness
I am sending myself
Out of space / I am sending myself / Out of space
The velocity of light
I am sending myself … out of space
I am a passenger in the darkness  /   of the light

Copyright © Alberto Roblest

Chicaneando, Ortografía para Piromaniacos, Las Andanzas del Huy Huy Huy y el Chichicaxtle con su Ñero. 

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