The Chapbook: Poems to be seen in the dark

The imlaPages you have in front are actually millions of tiny dots that the eye catches to be sent to the brain and then reorders as object & concepts. Based on this premise, let’s say the object before your eyes, is not exactly a poetry book resting on your hands, but rather a loose collection of poems. Poems that are seen and heard, that can be paused, go back, or go forward. Visual poems rather than Optical exercises. Mini short movies of poetic images, rather than poetry. Audio and video, the inks and pages of this text. A quick example, let me invite you … Imagine that we are in a dark room of good proportions in which each wall and ceiling is a video projection. In the center of the room a huge bucket, fragrances and textures mixing begins emerge from elaO2ach of the videos. In the center of the room is a pile of pillows and cushions where you can literally jump to enjoy. Connect yourself, as these poems cannot be read in the dark, it is not there without electricity, are electrified … what I’m saying? These pieces of literature in the form of video are also an example of how they can combine two languages and various tools to create video literature. These are just some exercises.




laE1- Dreamer, 1:15 min. 2014

Video Poem based on: Life is a dream, by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. Exhibitions:  *V Internationa, Videopoetry Festival. 5-28 Nov, Buenos Aires. 11-13 Dec. Mendoza Argentina, 2014


2- Obsoleto #2  1:10 min. 2012
Pretend to be a metaphor. Technically, it was made with a broke S8 film camera lent attached into a digital camera. This video is about global warming but also is homage to the red trees once cover the surface of the planet, an in big danger at the north of California and suffering because the logging companies who wanted to cut down. The character of the video is and old oak olaTn the mall of Washington DC. Conceptual digital painting: This is not a tree. Exhibitions: *BANG video Festival, Barcelona on line, 2014


3- Hay otra voz, 1:22 min. 2004.

From the migrant farm worker experience. A poem by chicano poet Tino Villanueva. Exhibitions: *VideoFestival-2K, (Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada) Mexico, Nov. 1-12, 2010  * Boston Latino International Film Festival, Boston Mass. Oct 29- Nov 7, 2004   * Cine sin Fin: 10th Annual East LA Chicano Film Festival, Casa del Mexicano, East Los Angeles,  Sept 3-5, 2004   *11th Annual CineSol Latino Film Festival, McAllen Texas , Sep 23- Oct 9, 2004   (Festival with more than 15 screens in different towns an cities at the USA-Mexican border).


laR4- El Castillo – The Castle, 2:30 min. 2015.

La historia del individuo encerrado en un castillo misterioso; el cual gobierna al pueblo por razones desconocidas. Poema en homenaje a Kafka. | The history of the individual locked in a mysterious castle who govern the village for unknown reasons. Video Poem dedicated to Kafka.

5-She, the Moon, 2:40 min. 2004.

A stalker romance. Exhibitions: *BusBoys and Poets Cultural Center, “Films & Videos on Poetry: “The Book of the words on fire”, Washington D.C, April 2007   *1er Festival de Cine en las calles (Aprox. + 30 proyections in Mexico city). Oct.1st – Dec.10th, 2005   *Atlantic Woks Gallery, Stories from the Chelsea Creek, Collective Show. Nov 10-20, Boston MA, 2004

6-Burn the books, 2:50, 2007. 

Video Poem about literature, repression, deception and fire.

laY7-Looking for Jack Kerouac, 7:00 min. 2006

A group of enlightened friends go out for a night of drinking and decide to visit the grave of one of their literary icons. Exhibitions:  *Zona 9 Festival Internacional, “Proyección Masiva de Video Breve”, Chile (Festival Itinerant + 15 different cities in the country), Aug-Sept.2007   *Video Festival at Instants, Aix en Provence, France, 18-22 Nov. 2006   *Festival de Videoarte de Gijón, Muestra de video poesía latinoamericana, Asturias, España, 20-25 Nov.2006   *Lowell Art Festival, Lowell Massachusetts. “On the Road” Oct. 8 y 9, 2006


8-Liquid thought, 1:20 min. 2009. The brain of this women as a fish bowl.


laB9- The long road of Latin America, 5:30 min. 2000.

A video poem about hunger, desperation and migration. But also a Road Movie of life and the travesty of necessity. A critical view of economic globalization and it’s impact on Latin America. Exhibitions: *III Festival Internacional de Videopoesia del 13 al 16 de Noviembre, Buenos Aires Argentina 2008  *Les Instantes Video Poetiques, Archives, Canada 2008   *Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca MACO, “Caudal del Sur”, muestra de video latinoamericano, Agosto 18 a Octubre 15, Oaxaca México 2006   *IV Salón de Arte Digital Venezuela, Museo Contemporáneo de Zulia MACZUL, Maracaibo Venezuela, 1 al 8 de Octubre, 2005  *“Interferences” 2nd Festival d’Arts Multimedia Urbains, France, 2004   *Cambridge Latino Film FestivalaO2l, Cambridge Massachusetts October 2003 *VideoStore at Foxy Productions gallery, Brooklyn NY, January 10- February 16, 2003  *VideoFest 02, Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, Tijuana-Ensenada 25-30, Nov. 2002  *Vidartes: festival de video y artes electrónicas, México DF, agosto-sep 2002   *The Bronx Film and Video Festival, octobre 24, New York 2001  *Coolidge Corner Theater, “The VideoSpace”, Boston, 2000   *II Festival Regional “Cine-video-Sociedad” Mérida Yucatán, México April 8-15, 2000


10-Harakiri Haiku #2,  2:10 min. 2008

Harakiry para Haiku es una historia de amor censurado. (Harakiry for Haiku IlaOs a series of four short videos about literature, love, suicide, distance, as well as time). In this short drama, our protagonist get lost in a labyrinth. Exhibitions:  *Visual Poetry and Performance Festival, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco, June 19 – July 10, 2009  *Civilian Art Projects: Summerscream!, Washington DC, July 29th, 2011


11- Four Paradigms for the new millennium, 3:00 min, 1998-1999.

We are the kids of the TV, the people with out opinions; the turn of a century and the possibilities of new paradigms. Exhibitions:  *Moving Poems, “The Best Poems on line”, fall 2014  *Festival Der Nationen, junio, Gaumbergstr Austria, l999   *Not Still Art Festival, mayo 8-10, Boston-NY, l999   *ONI Gallery, “City Symphony”, junio, Boston l999  *Northeast Video Festival, (second place innovative category) Manchester NH, USA Sept-1999


laK12Tsunami,  1:30 min. 2009.

Experimental Video about the issue of Global Warming and the Tsunami. Exhibitions: *2010 FILBA, Festival Internacional de Literatura en Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires International Literature Festival).



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